Online Clinic is possible ?

The world of technology has changed many areas, from online company meetings, online sales, to online learning and even dating can be done online. But what about the medical field? It is really difficult to answer this question because of the specificity of the medical profession.

In the current terrible epidemic situation, the ENET team developed a system called Online Clinic based on the existing hotel booking engine. After completing the development of the online clinic system, which was put into use by specialists from a large hospital in Saigon, unfortunately, these doctors were only satisfied with the system's OFFLINE solution. Indeed, the system has helped doctors save a lot of time to receive and prescribe medicine for patients. Thus, for specialized doctors in Vietnam, it is difficult for any online system to meet the examination.

At the same time, ENET also brought the Online Clinic system to distant Canada, where there is a modern medical system, for family doctors to try. The result exceeded the expectations of the ENET team, not only an almost complete online examination system but also a full-featured EMR system like the one they were using.