Sustainable growth

Sustainable growth is the realistically attainable growth that a company could maintain without running into problems and generate a healthy profit. Today we share some tips on how to achieve

  1. Create a powerful brand. ...
    1. Identify your nitche, your unique selling point
    2. Know your buyer pain point and show them how you can help them
  2. Partnerships and collaborations. ...
    1. When you grow so fast and lack of internal resources, then partnership with freelancers and other good companies similar like yours, then you confident you can handle any job
    2. Leverage collaborations by refer some clients to other business and in return they refer back to you some of their clients, you will have a solid network of referrals.
  3. Customer retention and satisfaction. ...
    1. By delighting your customers, not only will they be returning, but they will also become promoters of your business, bringing in more customers in return.
    2. When you think you do excellent, only 8% customer said your service delivery meet their expectation, so, ask their feedback after every transaction and try to improve time to time
  4. Repeatable sales and retainers. ...
    1. This can be done by implementing repeatable models and processes that will save you planning time and assure you success every time and with every customer.
    2. Another great idea is to try and hook your clients and prospects into a retainer model, rather than getting them to pay on an individual sale basis, so that you have some predictable, fixed income every month.
  5. Have a brilliant team. ...
    1. Having engaged employees often means having happier and more loyal customers, getting from them a higher level of productivity and work quality and spending less in recruitment costs.
    2. In order to keep your employees engaged and motivated, create a positive environment, reward high-performing teams and recruit the right staff that will fit in your company culture.
  6. Keep analysing and revising your strategies.
    1. In business, it's never a case of discovering a model or strategy that works and sticking to it for decades. The world changes quickly, and you need to be able to adapt. Keep analysing all your strategies on a regular basis (and that is more than once every year) to identify what works, what needs tweaking and what isn't working and therefore it's best to concentrate your resources elsewhere.
    2. According to Forbes research,  companies able to analyse and successfully exploit the information they hold outperform their peers by up to 20%.
  7. Align your sales and marketing
    1. This is something that we constantly repeat to our customers. Bringing your sales and marketing team together by making them focused on the same revenue goals is absolutely crucial for a company to be able to grow. In fact, your sales team will know a lot better the issues that customers have, and marketing can build campaigns around them, but this will only work if there is complete collaboration between the two. In this way, the marketing team will be able to generate more qualified leads that your sales team will then turn into customers.
    2. More customers = more sustainable revenue.