About Init Webs

We are technology enthusiasts and have the desire to make simple products for those who are not tech-savvy to build their own website for less than half a cup of coffee per day. shining. Of course, it is also the idea that thousands of software developers around the world have come up with many great and popular solutions. With many years of experience working for the US market, we know that it is difficult to create a product that can compete with big companies, so we start from familiar partners who are willing to try. Tested our homegrown products, also fortunately acceptable results. With a little more confidence, we boldly launched 6 specialized product lines introduced on Initwebs homepage, all of which can connect with world famous 3rd parties such as: Google, Firebase, Paypal, Stripe, Zoom, ..combined with the art of composing tour prices and hotel rooms from our partners' experienced experts, initwebs.com contains many great features and hopes to meet everyone's requirements.

And when you need solutions to some of the problems below, we are pleased and proud to recommend you Initwebs as one of the best starting points for you.

0. You need a dedicated technology team and long-term companion with you ?

1. Do you need a website that generally serves as a space to provide general information about your company ?

2. Do you need a direct platform for e-commerce ?

3. Do you want to accept payments through your website ?

4. Do you need a "personalized coupon"  and "loyalty program" platform ?

5. Do you want to bring your products from your site to your partner sites or marketplaces ?

6. You want everyone in your company to be able to work online together?

7. You want an online robot assistant ?

Moreover, if your company has many branches and operates independently but needs to share common data, our initwebs team is happy to sit with you to fine-tune the model to suit your needs.

Initwebs is looking forward to working with you